19 January 2015

Cyprus January Heavy Rain top up Dams

Water board officials were smiling this week after reservoir levels for January swelled to three times the reserves recorded the same time last year.
The biggest reservoir on the island, Kouri Dam, is according to Cyprus Water Board Deputy Director Andreas Manoli, at a maximum occupancy of 115 million cubic metres.

Reserves reached 20% on January 1 before increasing to 27% two weeks later which translates as 27,254,000 tons. News of the dam levels have been welcomed by water board officials of the Famagusta District, which is supplied from Kouri Dam via a south channel.
“Current weather conditions are positive, and we are optimistic the situation will improve significantly,” said Manoli. “Last year rainfall peaked early and started to go down by January, but this year we see exactly the opposite”.
Dam occupancy is currently at 36.5%, compared to a 53% peak last year. Manoli added that there is plenty of time to “make up the difference”.

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