18 June 2016

If you need any advise on where to go and what to do please look at this link and feel free to contact us. Here is our link to the main Tourist Attractions around the Paphos Region.

We also recommend these 2 excellent places ; 

3 June 2016

 Mosquitos biting & Flies Annoying you at the BBQ ?

They can turn the most relaxed of backyard barbecues into a frenzy of swatting and knee-slapping. And then there are allergies and serious viruses like Zika that can be transmitted by the annoying little buggers.
But you know what sucks even more than mosquitos? Some of the commercial repellants that’ll suck your wallet empty over the summer season, especially if you’re the outdoorsy type.
The solution? Believe it or not, coffee grounds!
The Environmental Protection Agency says coffee grounds work as a very effective natural repellant that will keep many insects – including mosquitos, wasps and bees – away.
Many insects have a very strong sense of smell, and coffee grounds, which are incredibly strong-smelling when they burn, drive them crazy.

So how do you use them?

2 June 2016

THE 18th ‘Pafos Aphrodite Festival’ will presents Mozart’s popular opera Don Giovanni at the medieval castle in Kato Paphos in September it has been announced.

Performances will take place on  September 2, 3 and 4 and there will be a simultaneous translation in Greek and English via subtitles.

The offering is a co-production between Parma Opera Organisation C.E.F.A.C. with the participation of the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra, said organisers.  A statement from the Pafos Aphrodite Festival said: “This is one of the greatest works of the operatic repertoire and one of the leading lyric masterpieces of all times, the outstanding Don Giovanni by Mozart. This is an opera in two acts and the libretto was written by Lorenzo Da Ponte.”

They added that the opera premiered at the Estates Theatre in Prague on 29 October 1787. Da Ponte’s libretto was considered, like many of its time, as drama giocoso, a term that denotes a combination of serious and comic action.