7 May 2016

Air travel has now never the been cheaper to the island and the harsh reality for Cyprus is that underwater motorways and submarine cars are still a long way off.
But all that promises to change with the arrival of fresh competition that is expected to broaden not only our options in terms of flying direct to our destinations but also to cushion the impact on our bank accounts.
Better options for travelling out of Cyprus are currently on departure boards at both Larnaca and Paphos airport but things are expected to get even better. Whether we will be spoilt for choice, however, remains to be seen.
Apart from chartered flights or routes out of Cyprus available on the back-end of returning fights out of the island, standard direct flights out of the island have increased somewhat since the spectacular collapse of national carrier Cyprus Airways.
Thanks to the likes of Aegean Airways, Blue Air and Ryanair (out of Paphos only) picking up the mantle, people in Cyprus can now fly directly to the UK, Greece, France, Israel, Belgium, Poland and even more outland places like Lithuania.
Earlier this week, a new Ellinair flight route connecting Larnaca to Salonica was announced by the Greek airliner – that recently opened up an office in Limassol – which would see five flights per week, with tickets going as cheap as €19 including one piece of luggage.
And now, there are new kids on the block and it could be that local big-hitters Aegean, Blue Air and Ryanair will be up against some stiff competition that would force them to knock down their ticket fares even more.
And that’s not all.