31 July 2015

Cinema at the beach in Paphos - August Events 

Paphos2017 moves on with its summer programme of events

The European Capital of Culture – Paphos2017 moves on with its summer programme of events that includes ; 

SEE FEST – CINEMA AT THE BEACH, with films that flirt with the theme of gastronomy and the 1st Folklore Festival of Ktima, presenting the Cypriot tradition through a celebration of music, dance and gastronomy.

06 – 26 August 2015


The European Capital of Culture – Paphos2017 establishes a programme of screenings within the concept of its summer programme of events, aspiring to develop the open air cinema in Paphos, growing its audience and creating a new institution through its course to 2017.

Since 2014 Paphos2017 organizes within the Open Air Factory concept and the thematic World Travellers, Cinema at the Beach. This year the event features films that flirt with the theme of gastronomy, love and good food.

Geroskipou Municipal Beach - Atlantida
Start time: 21:00
Free Entrance to all screenings
With Greek & English subtitles

Programme of Screenings

24 July 2015


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23 July 2015

    Evening of gypsy music and dance in Paphos - plus list of other Music Events in Paphos during July & August

 RESIDENTS and tourists in Paphos will be entertained by an evening of gypsy rhythms and dance on the Kato Paphos Promenade this Friday.

The public will be entertained by dancers George Pilla and Ann-Sylvia Clark in a repertoire of orchestral compositions from Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece and Serbia.  

The dancers George Pilla and Ann-sylvia Clark are based in New York and have international careers with major collaborations and participations in productions in the USA all over Europe.  

Ann-Sylvia Clark has appeared on TV series like 
FAKE OFF and off Broadway shows like The Hip Hop Nutcracker. 

George Pilla has performed at the Arthur Murray Dance Studios, the Greek Culture Center of New York, at Pratt University, and other prestigious venues.

The group Op Sa! has assembled especially for this event and is comprised of: Yiannis Hadjiloizou (Piano), Nikos Pantechis (Accordion), Constantinos Efraimides (Clarinet), Elias Ioannou (Trumpet), Nikos Koukouvinos (Trombone), George Meliniotis (Contrabass) and Alexis Theodorou (Percussion).

22 July 2015

Paphos is quickly becoming a city of culture and the cultural centre Technopolis 20 has much to do with that.
The centre offers variety, quality and a laid back atmosphere in which the month of July enjoys its last two weeks in style.
As of Friday this week , the centre will host its first Iconography exhibition by Marina Cushnirenko at 8pm.
The exhibition is taking place with the support of the Honorary Consulate of the Russian Federation in Paphos and the blessing of Paphos Metropolis and it will be opened by The Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation in Paphos, Dr George Prodromou.
According to the artist “visitors will have the opportunity to see a different art of iconography, a personal technique that I have developed with no training”.
Iconogaphy is not the only thing on offer on Friday, a reception with wine, champagne and classical music will follow.
The exhibition will remain open until July 31.

17 July 2015

Cyprus Property News

News Flash ! 

Property transfer fee reduced by half & capital gains tax temporarily abolished.

Has there ever been a better time to buy a resale property in Cyprus? Probably not! 

17th July 2015 - Property transfer fee levied on a sliding scale on all transfers of titles in Cyprus was reduced by a whopping 50% today !

This tax bill was approved by the House last Thursday the 9th  and came into effect today. This reform will cover ALL transfers from today until 31st December 2016.

This latest move by Cypriot lawmakers is designed to both stimulate the property market and encourage those who have not taken deeds from their respective development companies to proceed with transfer of ownership in their names.

In addition to this any property purchased during the same period (today to 31st December 2016) will not be subject to Capital Gains Tax which is levied in Cyprus at 20% even on a primary residence. So, why not invest in Cypriot property to benefit capital gain in the future tax free.

Simila Cyprus have a superb selection of properties for sale in the Paphos region of Cyprus. Whether you are looking for a nice 1 or 2 bedroom apartment , or a luxury Villa with private pool , contact the team at Simila Cyprus for confidential and personal recommendations of the best buys around. 
Send your requirements to ; info@simila-cyprus.com

12 July 2015

Greek shipowners change course to Cyprus

4% of the Worlds Ships are registered in Cyprus !

Greek ship owners consider replacing their business in Cyprus, due to the financial crisis in the country and tax increases, according to the statement of General Director of the Cyprus Maritime Chamber, Thomas A. Kazakos. Maritime Chamber of Cyprus circulated among the media message that the crisis in Greece would not affect the maritime industry in the republic, adding that the ship register of the country is the only one “open” in EU, which allows registration of vessels that are owned by foreign companies. More than 40% from the vessels operating under the flag of Cyprus are owned by Greek ship owners and about 4% from the world fleet is operating under the Cyprus flag. 

In words of Thomas A. Kazakos more shipowners are turning to the Cyprus Maritime Chamber with questions about taxation and administrative procedures for starting a business on the island. “It is quite normal after situation in Greece is so unstable, businesses look to us to Cyprus”, finished General Director of the Cyprus Maritime Chamber.
Today in Greece is held a crucial referendum in which voters must say “Yes” or “No” to the proposals of the international creditors for continued financial assistance to the country. This practically is referendum if the country will stay in the Eurozone. For 1 week the bank accounts of all citizens and business organizations are blocked after Greece is practically in bankruptcy and people are withdrawing billion of EUR per day. This slightly reflected the big business, such as ship owners, who keep their money in Cyprus, Switzerland or other foreign countries.

10 July 2015

CYPRUS: Cinderella’s fairytale at the Pafos Aphrodite Festival 

10 July, 2015
 Following 17 years of success, the ‘Pafos   Aphrodite Festival’ has claimed pride of place as one of the most highly anticipated events of the year, having firmly earned its reputation as a cultural highlight on the annual agenda. To date, the festival has given audiences the opportunity to watch great performances from world renowned operas, while this year will see the music loving audience of Cyprus sit back to enjoy the famous melodrama “La Cenerentola” (Cinderella) by Gioachino Rossini in a high standard international production, both on an artistic and organizational level. 

This year’s “17th Aphrodite Festival” will be held at the Pafos Medieval Castle, for 3 days on the 4th, 5th, and 6th of September, with a team of acclaimed artists hailing from the French lyrical organization, Ramfis Productions Avignon, joined by the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra. 

Speaking during the festival’s annual Press Conference, Paphos Mayor and President of the company’s Board of Directors, Fedonas Fedonos said: “For a 17th year running, thanks to the support of the music loving audience of Cyprus and its foreign visitors who have embraced the Pafos Aphrodite Festival, the enchanting area of the Pafos Medieval Castle will become a focal point of culture without boundaries.” 

“Through the long and creative journey of this annual occasion, the Pafos town and our country as a whole has left its own mark on the cultural map of Europe, characterized as a melting pot of different nations and cultures. This is highly important, given that Pafos stands as Cultural Capital of Europe for 2017, expected to leave a lasting impression on the long history of this institution with great passion and spirit.” 

6 July 2015

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