22 August 2015

Cyprus Residency in European Union with property Purchase


Cyprus has recently introduced new legislation, offering Cyprus residency permit eligibility, to non-EU nationals who purchase a property. It's a straightforward process that can commence immediately on purchasing. Residency permits are generally unlimited in duration. Applications can follow the standard Immigration permit process (criteria detailed in section A) or the recently announced 'category F' expedited process (criteria detailed in section B) which requires additional criteria to be fulfilled. Pafilia will gladly assist you with the process & can also refer you to independent lawyers.


  1. Acquisition of an immovable property with a value of over €300,000.
  2. The purchaser must visit the property at least once every two years.
  3. Non-European citizens should possess an annual income from a legitimate source, deriving from outside of Cyprus, which is sufficient to support their family.
  4. Minimum annual income: €30,000 per couple and €5,000 per dependent is usually acceptable. Additional funds deposited in a Cyprus bank account are considered favorably.
  5. Residency permit applications may be submitted to a Cyprus embassy, should the purchaser reside abroad.
  6. If in Cyprus, the permit application should be submitted to the Immigration office in Nicosia.
  7. All documents must be officially translated and notarised. The Cyprus Press and Information Office can arrange this service on providing the original documents.
  8. We will gladly assist you with the process and can also refer you to independent lawyers,help you with opening Cyprus Bank Account , refer you to known and trusted Accountants. 

17 August 2015

Cyprus Investment Immigration Program – a Popular Option with many non-EU Citizens

Cyprus Investment Immigration Program — a Popular Option amongst the Global Elite
Recent data released by the Interior Ministry of Cyprus shows that the country’s popular Cyprus investment immigration program has led to inflow of FDI exceeding €2 billion into the country’s economy during 2012-13 to 2014-15. The Cyprus investment immigration program offers permanent residency as well as citizenship to high net-worth individuals from all over the world.
Investors can gain permanent residency in Cyprus ( European Union ) by purchasing property costing a minimum sum of €300,000. This is the same price for citizens from any country in the World. Hence many Russians and Chinese have purchased property in Cyprus. 
For those seeking EU Citizenship, Cyprus offers multiple options ranging from investment in bonds to purchase of real estate or companies.
Cyprus has long been a favourite destination for British buyers and British are still the largest group of non Cyprus nationals living in this country. 
One option for obtaining citizenship involves purchase of shares or bonds of state-run investment companies of minimum value of €2 million along with a €0.5 million donation to the Research and Technology Fund instituted by the government.

15 August 2015

Cyprus Airports will handle 90,000 passengers over the August holiday weekend !

Over 90,000 passengers are expected to travel from Larnaca and Paphos airports this weekend alone, according to Hermes Airport spokesman Adamos Aspris.
The two week period between August 10 to 23 are “the absolute peak in passenger traffic for both airports in the country” he told the Cyprus News Agency. About half a million passengers are expected to go through Larnaca and Paphos airports.
Up to 50 per cent of them will have travelled by Sunday bringing the number to 240,000 people in less than a week.
“This weekend along, some 90,000 people are expected to travel with both airports in Cyprus.”
Larnaca airport is expected to be the busiest with Friday being “a huge workload” however things are under control and services are handling the situation well, Mr Aspris said.

6 August 2015

1st Paphos Beer Festival at Paphos Harbour Castle - 7th & 8th August 2015 

There are a few things you can be sure to show up in summer. One would be the heat – that is rather turned up – another would be beach parties and another would surely be beer festivals.On Friday and Saturday the beer will be very much flowing in Paphos at the Medieval castle at Kato Paphos when you can enjoy a wide variety of beers from around the world.
Of course you will be sure to sample some home-made Keo, but if you feel that the blond beer needs to be compared with some other darker tastes you can surely have your pick. There will also be Carlsberg, Amstel, Becks, Leon, Guinness, Corona, Heineken, Budweiser, Murphy’s, Mythos, Stella Artois, Abbot Ale, Boddingtons and many more of the world’s finest beers bottled and ready to pop their tops.