19 March 2015

Record number of 200 participants for the 2015 Cyprus Cycling Tour

Record number of participants in Cyprus Cycling Tour 2015
With less than ten days to go until the start of the Cyprus Cycling Tour 2015, a record number of participants have expressed their interest in participating, according to organisers.
Over 200 cyclists, half of them foreigners, have registered for the race, which begins Friday, March 27 in Limassol and continues during the weekend in and around Paphos. The total distance of the race this year is 238km over the 3 days of racing , which includes Timed Sections and Uphill Sections of nearly 1500m ascents !

15 March 2015


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12 March 2015


Easter in Cyprus is the Biggest Religious Holiday
The Cyprus carnivals are over and Lent is underway – a 40 day fasting period of no meat, poultry or dairy products. The hundreds of bakeries accommodate those who fast by adding dairy-free, egg-free and meat-free pastries and cookies to their already vast array of goodies.
Generally, fasting is followed more strictly in the villages of Cyprus than in the towns, but most restaurants and takeaways also add fasting dishes to their menus during this period.

As Easter draws near, an air of festivity envelops the towns and villages. During Holy Week (the week preceding Easter Sunday) there is a flurry of church-going, shopping for new clothes and baking. The smell of the traditional Cypriot flaounes cooking, combined with the heady scent of orange blossoms in the air and the sound of singing which emanates from the churches, creates an atmosphere of expectation - a feeling that something good is just around the corner.
Easter is the most important religious holiday in the Greek Orthodox Church. The date of Greek Orthodox Easter is based on a modified Julian calendar. In 2015 Greek Orthodox Easter will be the following week with Easter in the Western Churches which use a different calendar, the Gregorian. The dates in Cyprus this year are 10th-13th April and Easter Sunday is April 12th.

7 March 2015

5 Easy to Grow Mosquito-Repelling PlantsFollow us on TwitteWa

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Before reaching for the chemical sprays, try planting these easy-to-grow plants which have natural mosquito-repelling properties.

mosquito repelling plantsAs the outdoor season approaches, many homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts look for ways to control mosquitoes. With all the publicity about the West Nile virus, mosquito repelling products are gaining in popularity. But many commercial insect repellents contain from 5% to 25% DEET. There are concerns about the potential toxic effects of DEET, especially when used by children. Children who absorb high amounts of DEET through insect repellents have developed seizures, slurred speech, hypotension and bradycardia.
There are new DEET-free mosquito repellents on the market today which offer some relief to those venturing outdoors in mosquito season. But there are also certain plants which are easy to grow and will have some effect in repelling mosquitoes from areas of your home and garden.
Here are five of the most effective mosquito repelling plants which are easy to grow in most regions ;

1. Citronella

CitronellaCitronella is the most common natural ingredient used in formulating mosquito repellents. The distinctive citronella aroma is a strong smell which masks other attractants to mosquitoes, making it harder for them to find you. Although citronella is used in many forms, such as scented candles, torches and citronella ‘scented’ plants, the living plant is more effective because it has a stronger smell.
Citronella is a perennial ‘clumping’ grass which grows to a height of 5 – 6 feet. It can be grown directly in the ground in climate zones where frost does not occur. If grown in the garden or near the patio, it should be planted in the ‘background’, behind small decorative flowers and shrubs. In northern climate zones citronella can be grown in a large pot or planter, ideally with casters, so it can be rolled indoors during winter.

5 March 2015

Top Reasons To Invest In Cyprus

In a globalized economy where multinational companies are pressed to maintain and increase quality while cutting costs to meet increasingly higher client expectations, Cyprus provides a complete value proposition:

EU & Eurozone
  a)   Cyprus is a EU27 Member since May 2004, Economic and Monetary Union Member since January 2008. Foreign investors have the opportunity to access the EU market and vice versa.       

 Strategic location

Cyprus is Europe’s eastern outpost at the crossroads of three continents– Europe, Africa and Asia – providing a gateway to and from each one of them. 

4 March 2015

With its infamous palm tree promenade luring thousands of visitors year in and year out, there’s something special about the sleepy charm that Larnaca exudes. But there’s far more to do than spending your time sipping on a coffee down the busy Finikoudes strip like so many have become accustomed to. 

1. It’s the perfect place for a seaside stroll 
With the seaside town having witnessed a recent revamp, there’s now a path which stretches from the bustling Finikoudes Promenade all the way down to the Mackenzie beach strip which provides for a great walk (or even a cycle) when the weather is good. Known as the ‘Piale Pasha’, there’s much to enjoy along the way, including the old architecture of the area and lovely artists’ workshops in the Old Turkish Quarter. What with the waves lapping against the shore on the one side, and traditional architecture dazzling the senses on the other, you really can’t go far wrong!

2 March 2015

Dutch Transavia Airlines launches new route 

between Cyprus and Holland

Transavia is the first airline to offer direct flights between Larnaca and Amsterdam and does so twice a week. The airline also flies this route in combination with a stop in Paphos twice a week as well.
At the request of many within the travel industry, Transavia decided to add Larnaca to her network of scheduled flights. Indeed Cyprus is a popular holiday destination for the Dutch.
The flights to Amsterdam are carried out in code share with KLM which enables passengers to fly from Cyprus via Amsterdam to all KLM destinations worldwide.
Tickets from Larnaca to Amsterdam will be offered for the temporary promotional fare of 79€ (one-way, excluding 5€ booking fee).

Amsterdam is a beautiful city ready for you to explore !

Cyprus has many wonderful beaches including the popular Pissouri Bay
Transavia new flights opens up tourism and business between both wonderful locations.
Amsterdam has been a European favourite city for hundreds of years. For details of great places to visit check the official website ; www.iamsterdam.com/en

Cyprus too has a favourite tourist destination for hundreds of years and these new flights from Amsterdam opens up new markets for the people from The Netherlands to come directly to explore and enjoy this wonderful Mediterranean Island.
History of Cyprus goes back thousands of years and for more details look at the Official Cyprus Tourist Organisation website ;

1 March 2015

While the rugged mountains that rise high above the island’s flat land provide for some great outdoor adventures, what many people don’t realise is that the area is also a treasure trove when it comes to the island’s religious heritage.
Well worth seeking out are the ten Byzantine churches of the Troodos district, which are so spectacular that they’re included on UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage list. Built and painted between the 11th and 16th centuries, the main body of the churches was made from ‘unfinished’ local stone.


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