14 May 2014

England to Ukraine to Cyprus !

Ukraine to Cyprus

I came to ukraine from England over 5 years ago , before this Ukraine was in my mind somewhere in Siberia with Chicken Kiev and Cossacks ! 
The change from bachelor life in Bath to Kharkiv was one of the biggest shocks in my life , but being a maverick sort of guy I enjoyed the new found freedom of lawlessness and lack of bureaucracy in my newly found "cash is king" environment ! We spent the next few years developing and expanding our apartment rental business in the city and we were amazed by our success during the Euro 2012 Football championships, but there was always this nagging feeling that this was only a short term project and me and my new family had to get out ! 
That is where Cyprus popped it's head out of the Mediterreanian sea. Cyprus gave us this "half way house" option of English / Russian language for me and my wife and daughters , with an English based legal system , driving on the "correct" side of the road and a real feel openness and welcoming visa policy for my non-EU family members. So the new road to relocation started. Everything went so much more easily than we expected , my wife soon got her Cyprus EU Residency permit , opening bank accounts and rental agreements for an apartment , then a small mortgage to buy our first villa , everything was easy and simple and all legal documents were in English , so I could take control , not like in ukraine where I needed constant translations. I found an excellent immigration adviser who really helped us through the Cyprus process. So the next action was to start a business and earn money. Under the residency rules my Ukrainian wife couldn't work , but I could being an EU citizen. We met with an excellent accountant and had superb advise. I also have an adult stepdaughter so I needed a simple way to be able to get her residency. I can employ her in our Cyprus company, or another way for this is to start her own business , she can then work for herself legally. 
We have been working hard developing our Cyprus Villas Holiday Rental Business and it is now working and we have a super choice of excellent villas and apartments in the Paphos region. 
Cyprus is really for me the best place in Europe for an English/Ukrainian/Russian speaking family. We have one of the safest countries in EU to live , in beautiful surroundings and a country that really welcomes you personally and with an open mind on visas and immigration policies. 
Russia is pushing and pushing into Eastern Ukraine and I'm so glad that we found Cyprus for our new home and business. Okay living a holiday life in Cyprus is great , with wine regions , beautiful beaches , snow covered mountains in winter , yes it's a great place to live , BUT most of us need to work and that is why I'm pleased we have found a way to do this in Cyprus. 
If you want any advise or assistance please feel free to contact me by ; 
email : info@simila-cyprus.com
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