20 May 2015

Special Offer to boost Paphos Airport Shuttle Route

Special offers to boost Paphos airport shuttle routeNEWS IN BRIEF
To celebrate its one-year anniversary of the commencement of routes to and from Paphos airport, the head of Kapnos Airport Shuttle Pambos Kapnos, on Wednesday announced a series of special offers for families, groups and students.

For Nicosia, families and groups of four and over will be offered limited – depending on which part of the capital they reside – free transfers to and from their homes to the company’s offices, Kapnos said.
Also for every four seats reserved to Paphos airport from Nicosia or Larnaca, one person will travel for free.
In the case of families with two children, Kapnos said, the children will travel free.
The company also introduced a reduced student ticket fee for transfers to Paphos Airport, which is €10, while one in a group of four students will also be transferred free of charge.
Offers apply only to reservations for the Paphos-Nicosia and Paphos-Larnaca routes.
Despite the fact that passenger transfers to Paphos were discouraging during the winter season, Kapnos said, the company hopes that offers will boost business and the route will be deemed viable.
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For more information about the Paphos Airport Shuttle Routes contact : 77 77 14 77. www.kapnosairportshuttle.com

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