31 May 2015

Russians & Ukrainians have lost trust in tourist companies

After a series of high-profile scandals in the Russian Tourism Sector, many Russians and Ukrainians have lost trust in their  tourist companies. During 2014 many large Tour Agencies and Operators went bust leaving many people stranded. There is no governing body with insurance to protect travellers.

VTSIOM conducted a public opinion poll among 1,600 people in 42 Russian regions about their foreign tourist trips.

According to the pollsters, 51% consider their Tourism Agencies to be unreliable crooks compared to 35% who said that Tourist Companies could be trusted. Most of those people are the agencies’ old customers 59%

84% of those who used to turn to tourist companies in the past said they would do that in future. On the whole, 45% said they did not totally exclude a possibility of turning to tourist companies.

70% of Russians spoke in favour of imprisoning tourist companies’ staff who intentionally violate their commitments to customers while 21% of respondents, predominantly the residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg (41%)  clients of tourism companies (31%) and respondents with high personal incomes (28%) who were opposed to such a strict punishment.

75% of Russians who travelled in summer 2014 had organised their trips independently. Only 5% of Russians asked their tourist agents for help in obtaining visas and buying tickets. Whereas 19% ordered a tourist company to organize full package tours. Most of them were Muscovites or residents of St. Petersburg 39% and affluent respondents 27%.
Cyprus has a huge Russian , Ukrainian and Eastern European Tourist market with flights arriving everyday at both Paphos and Larnaca International Airports. 
With the lack of confidence in Eastern European Tour operators and Agencies , more and more travellers and holiday makers are deciding to book their action independently themselves. it is easy to book online flights and accommodation in excellent value Villas and Apartments in Cyprus

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